6 Ways of Marketing Without Internet Access

6 Ways of Marketing Without Internet Access

One of the most asked questions related to the marketing of a company is its way to promote without the internet. Is it possible? The answer is yes! Have you ever thought about how people in the past used to start to promote or inform something without the internet or modern computer?

In a modern era like this, some people still be grateful for having an ATM card. They think that it isn’t a big deal to have a smartphone or laptop. So, if you are confused about how to communicate and keep in touch with people, and your potential customers, we’re going to tell you how to do it without the internet.

6 Ways of Marketing Without Internet Access
6 Ways of Marketing Without Internet Access

These following six things will inspire you to reduce the cost to promote your business and try to build a relationship in a more innovative way.

  1. Invite your customers to your events

People might interest attend a fun event. Why don’t you promote your company and what you do to them by inviting them to your annual event or just a coffee break? It can be a good start to create links and do some researches that the company needs.

  1. Go to the right places

Sometimes you might skip local events nearby that are great opportunities to do branding. It costs cheaper than you think. Don’t miss your chance to go to local schools, senior citizen clubs, or church groups where more potential customers are there. You can talk to them and introduce your business slowly to them. You won’t know whether they are interested in it or not when you don’t try.

6 Ways of Marketing Without Internet Access
6 Ways of Marketing Without Internet Access
  1. Make phone calls

What is a more attentive way than listening to people directly? It can be one of the best and easiest ways to reach out to more people to know your business. It’s a direct way to promote and close the sale instead of sending emails or putting ads on social media. If you’re an expert salesperson, you’ll research first the needs of the customers before you make a phone call.

  1. Add interesting offer

Reward your loyal customers with something that will make them come back again to use your service or buy your products. It can be a discount, voucher, or souvenir. You can attach this information when they come or print it on the receipt. You can also make it an advertisement or flyer that more people can notice.

  1. Write a letter

Have you ever thought about why people unsubscribe your mailing list? They may think your emails are annoying or go straight to spam without even notice it. Writing a real letter in which you can introduce the content and information of your business. It indeed needs an extra budget compares to send the newsletter.

  1. Cooperate with local business

While almost everything goes online nowadays, don’t neglect one of the most effective ways to make people know your business. One of the methods is by having a trading association or cooperating with local commerce. You will not only build a fruitful business relationship but also gain more customers who recognize your business.