Highlighting the Prospects of the African Market Investment this Year and the Next

Africa is said to be the “future continent” for the world’s leading job market availability and international hokiku88 investors.  In addition to cooperation in terms of trade, Africa is an investment site targeted by various countries, mainly China, followed by Europe, India, France, the United States of America, Indonesia and others, because of Africa’s abundant natural resources.  However, […]

Here are Some Countries With Biggest Cocoa Industry in Africa

Once dubbed the continent of poverty, now the African economy has developed quite rapidly and amazingly. Even now, Africa has developed like any other country with a rapidly expanding marketplace. Marketplace in Africa has now developed rapidly, along with the development of technology that exists today. Previously, it was hard enough to grow a marketplace in Africa. Even […]

5 Tips to Innovate for Business and Startups

Every company needs innovation. It’s not only essential to make the business develops, but also to have a powerful mindset in facing competition. The very assumption of a startup is according to innovative, new ideas as well as a transformation and liability. That’s the reason why a company should have a special connection with innovation. Nonetheless, it is […]

E-Commerce Growth in Africa

Over time, technology and the internet have developed and become one of the tools / media used for various purposes. One example of the use of technology complemented by the benefits of the internet is e-commerce. E-commerce is actually a set of trading activity that is done using the internet. Some examples of companies that adopt an e-commerce […]

The Effect of Online Marketplace in Africa

Online marketplaces have become the global trends that have existed in almost all countries. Despite the negative sides of online marketplaces, they still have numerous of benefits being offered for the people. Increase the economical growth is one of the main reasons of why online marketplaces are growing rapidly in many counyries, including in Africa countries. Create a […]

Methods of Correspondence Used in African Marketplace, Accessibility is Important

Online marketplace is a space in which businesses gather in one highly accessible platform for the prospective customers. In current era when the internet becomes an essential part of human life, the role of online marketplace in economic sector cannot be undermined any longer. An online marketplace provides some advantages that traditional market does not. For instance, it […]

Consumer Buying Behavior in Africa

The economic growth trends in Sub – Sahara Africa have attracted many businesses to take a role in this continent’s market potential. Since the digital technology is growing fast worldwide, online transactions become one of the new lifestyle not only for Western people, but also Africans. Online marketplaces expansion in Africa, although their existances are not as many […]

Obstacles to deal with When Doing a Business ian Africa

World Bank forecast the economic growths in some countries have increased greatly. There are several reasons why the economy has grown so fast. As you know, Africa is known for its poor countries. Middle-class expansion, friendly market business, and also rapid urbanization have changed the business trends in the region. Countries’ government across Africa has realized that the […]