The Effect of Online Marketplace in Africa

The Effect of Online Marketplace in Africa

Online marketplaces have become the global trends that have existed in almost all countries. Despite the negative sides of online marketplaces, they still have numerous of benefits being offered for the people. Increase the economical growth is one of the main reasons of why online marketplaces are growing rapidly in many counyries, including in Africa countries.

The Effect of Online Marketplace in Africa
The Effect of Online Marketplace in Africa
  1. Create a lot of new jobs for Africans

The rapid expansion of online marketplace in Africa is negligible. Now people from remote areas are also able to buy the products from city market easily. On the other hand, they can also sell their products to the people in the city. This active supply and demand situation through marketplace, will make the assets become more productive for all people.

The active online marketplaces will create up to 3 million new jobs for Africans. The new jobs available for most Africans are Logistic providers, delivery drivers, technicians and staff at the online marketplace company, micro and small – owned company by the local people. Therefore, these new style businesses will boost African economies.

  1. Offer new opportunities for people

When we talk about the existance of online marketplace, we find that online marketplaces are able to help people to develop their skills and thus opportunities either. Unskilled labors who tend to easily lost their jobs, are now having another options to earn more money for their lives.

All people, whether they are men or women, have the same opportunity to earn money by selling products on marketplace. People who create homemade products and don’t have enough resource to promote the products through regular TV channel, now gain the same opprotunities to introduce their products to the bigger market.

The Effect of Online Marketplace in Africa
The Effect of Online Marketplace in Africa
  1. Improved Efficiency in Market Transaction

Based on what have happened in many countries where e – commerce and dadu online marketplace have penetrated, these countries showed the improvement in market efficiency. Online marketplaces are able to cut off some intermediaries in conventional transactions. Thus merchants are able to sell their products directly to the consumers.

This ability is very beneficial in most developing countries in the world, especially in Africa, they face the distribution goods problem. In several African countries, most of conventional retail channels are remain underdeveloped.

  1. More transparent information about the products

This is the advantage of transactions by online. Every people have the rights to access the information publicly about the products. As the buyers, you can easily get information about the quality of the products by reading the reviews from other consumers.

  1. Increased Supply

Online marketplace main advantage is making new and easier ways to reach the customers. The same goes for the customers or producers where they can get suitable information about the supplier of the products they need. Therefore, online marketplaces play a role as the bridges for people who have the products or services with people who need them.